How to work within your committee to create unique amazing auction items

I had two great meetings with upcoming groups yesterday. One event is in November and the other quickly approaching in mid-September. One is for my local Chamber of Commerce for a Scholarship Fundraiser and the other for a local Catholic Prep School. By working with both groups on the same day I was able to piggie back some of the similar ideas and themes to help create lucrative benefit auctions for both.

With the Chamber, we were able to brainstorm ideas of local businesses that would benefit from the exposure and able to help us create some amazing experiences that you can only get at this auction. This is key, to create experiences that you could never find anywhere else except at your fundraising auction. By working together and coming up with ideas we quickly developed 10-12 ideas using just local resources to create some amazing auction items!

With the Prep School, whose auction was very long the previous year (22 items, wow!) they found they were losing bidders and money as the night drug on. This year we are changing things up a bit and going to 8-10 items, each of high desirability and rarity. There were a few members of the committee that had contacts at zoo’s and professional ball parks that enable bidders to get a one of a lifetime behind the scenes experiences. One member mentioned that when they go to the zoo and look down at the monkey cage and see some people getting a tour of the exhibit by a zoo worker, she wondered “How did they get to do that?” This is how and by creating these experiences your auction will go through the roof!

The most important lesson here is to work with-in your current network and to find unique and exciting experiences to generate a buzz around your next fundraising auction. When you have this buzz and X-factor…your bidders will be happy to give you money for your organization and receive some amazing experiences in exchange. Collective thinking and crowd sourcing is an easy and effective solution to super charging your next benefit event! I also love guiding them and brainstorming ideas to blow peoples minds and then their pocketbooks…

Bobby D.

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