Don't Make These Mistakes at Your Next Benefit Auction

No display or terrible live auction display

<img class="wp-image-678 alignleft" alt="liveauction" src="http://calltoauction cheap cialis overnight” width=”330″ height=”277″ />You need your donors and bidders to know what’s in the live auction and give them reasons to be excited about them! This is a great example of a live auction display. Sell the sizzle and not the steak! Single poster boards are out, huge, extravagant displays are in, bigger and flashier the better. Also put this in a highly visible place and put your professional Auctioneer there to answer questions and build rapport with the bidders. Get those bidders excited about bidding!



The live auction is not the last part of the night



Get the live auction started early while the guests are energetic, not too tipsy and while everyone is thinking about the cause. After the salads are placed and you do your initial “Thank You” and Sponsor recognition is one of the best times to do the auction. Fundraise First and Dance Later!





Why are people going to spend thousands of dollars on packages when they don’t even know why we’re here?

Having an effective “Why” message right before the live auction is key. A video of a family or individual directly affected by the proceeds to be raised or the actual individual or family will give you the biggest impact. When donors change their thinking from what they are getting a deal on, to how many lives they are going to change with their bids, you will see a huge increase in auction returns.

We don’t need bid numbers; they can just raise their hands.

auction bidders

Yes, every person needs a bid number, not just couples, everyone! This is their license to bid, give everyone an easy way to give and bid numbers are how you do it. Sometimes husbands love to bid against their wives, give them that chance. Or the wife may have taken the bid number to the restroom while the auction is going on and the husband thinks he can’t bid. Give everyone the “License” to give that night!




The Emcee or board member can do the auction…um, NO!


Hiring an effective, energetic and inspiring Professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialist will guarantee your biggest success in the live auction. When you look at dollar raised per minute, your live auction will be your most effective means to bring in big donations and make sure everyone is having a ton of fun, your Emcee or Board member can’t make this happen. A Professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Can!



I hope this helps you have a much more successful Fundraising Auction this year and helps you to raise a ton of money to help more of those you serve in your organization.

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