Why Use a Professional Logistics Company at Your Next Benefit Auction?

Why the heck would you hire a company to do your registration for your next event when you have a staff that is more than capable of handing out bidder numbers, creating seat assignments and event programs? Oh yeah, they also have to accept payment, make sure the right silent and live auction items go to the right purchasers, print out invoices and receipts, accept donations, tally up and reconcile the Fund A Need and solve problems as they present themselves. All while keeping a smile on their face, and staying civil. Wait a minute, that sounds like a bunch of work right? You worked your administration team and volunteers hard enough getting ready for your big gala, and you expect them to give you 110% the night of the event? Being a realist, this is a lot to ask of your dedicated workers and helpers, so why not give them a break as well as make your event world class by giving your donors a great experience throughout the night? A professional logistics company can help with all of the items below and more:

  • Assign bidder numbers
  • Seat Assignments
  • Pre-Swipe credit cards for easy and quick payments
  • Hand out Event programs
  • Print Invoices and Receipts
  • Accept payments and donations with all forms of payment (Cash, Card, Check)
  • Reconcile Fund A Need donations to the correct donors
  • Distribute auction and raffle items to correct bidders
  • Solve any issue with registration and check out that might arise.

By utilizing a professional logistics company at your next event, you not only solve all of the above problems, but most of all create a positive donor experience for your guests. By making check in and check out seamless, quick and painless, your donors will be greeted with a positive first impression and leave with a great lasting impression (ensuring their attendance next year with more friends). The last reason to use a professional logistics company and not your current staff or volunteers is that you put those working in your organization out in the room as ambassadors of your organization. The people that are doing the great work for those you serve are the ones telling the best stories and sharing the impact that donated dollars have on the people your organization serves. So put your team and volunteers out into the room as advocates for your mission to share your vision and build long lasting relationships with your donors. These days donors want to know that their dollars are doing good, so why not have those that actually provide the services be the one to share that? Make an investment in a logistics company for your next gala and you will see amazing returns with donor retention as well as that great giving feeling buzz that all your donors crave. Make your next fundraising gala easy, fun and smooth! What are some ways that a professional logistics company has helped you and your organization?

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