Proud to be a NAA Auctioneer!

Coming off of an amazing week at this year’s National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show in Louisville, Kentucky, I am re-energized and renewed in the auction method of selling; particularly in helping non-profit organizations raise more money and retain more donors. I met with some amazing auctioneers who are helping so many people around the nation to raise awareness and funds for their organizations to change our world! All of the attendees were NAA members and have invested their time and money into our industry and our education. We all attended many different sessions to educate ourselves on how to better serve our clients, from using social media more effectively to the latest technology solutions to use in silent auctions. Some of my greatest moments were in the halls speaking with some of the greatest fundraising auctioneers and picking their brains about what items and auction games are working at their events. I uncovered some brand new ideas that can raise thousands in just a few minutes. I loved these types of ideas and can’t wait to share them with you!

I also competed in the International Auctioneer Championship and was proud to be one of the 86 contestants gunning for the title. Fortunately they chose the best auctioneers of the contest…unfortunately neither of them were me.. However, every contest that I compete in, I learn something about myself, my presentation and ways to be a better ambassador for my industry as well as my clients. By continually investing in my self-improvement as well as my professional improvement I can provide better service for you my client!

Here is a great YouTube commercial showing why a NAA Auctioneer is your best bet when you want to conduct an auction! Please watch and enjoy! Thanks for choosing this NAA Auctioneer as your Auctioneer!

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