5 bullet FUNdraise Friday

Hi everyone,

As promised in a Facebook post last week, we will publish a weekly 5 bullet FUNdraise Friday. We can’t take all the credit… the incredibly talented Tim Ferris is the one who inspired us to gather our top 5 pieces of news/photos/inspiration, but we will focus specifically on fundraising. Here’s what’s been on our minds this week:

  1. Bobby D. is a TRENDSETTER!
  2. Don’t Be a Chump! Check For A Lump’s 6th Annual Wig Out last weekend. Read more about this amazing cause!

  3. Wise words from The End of Big Philanthropy: “If you ask for funding, they give you advice. If you ask for advice, they give you funding.”
  4. 13151585_10107479869817845_7980369763143841305_n

    All hands on deck with our friends at the Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association in Tampa Bay!

  5. Don’t forget about our upcoming Lunch & Learn!

Have anything in mind that might fit into next week’s list? We’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback!

Have a great weekend,

The Call To Auction Team

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