From $50k to $750k in less than 5 years

We have been so fortunate to partner with one of our favorite clients, Chances for Children. Not just one of our favorites because they do amazing work in Haiti, but they have partnered with us for the past 5 years and have seen 1500% increase in fundraising. What started as an event in the founder backyard raising barely $50k with 100 guests now has grown to $750k from 400 guests. The evening is under the stars and has a very Caribbean vibe is in the air. There are many elements as to why this happened. Number one, they partnered with us to transform their event from just a normal auction into a true philanthropic event. The board is highly engaged with all aspects of the event from sponsorship acquisition to audience development and beyond. They have a dedicated committee that works tirelessly to create an inspirational night of hope for all that attend. The auction experiences continue to improve year over year from a small chef’s dinner to a private tour of Yankee stadium! They maximize the marketing with videos and music during the introduction of the items and during the celebration of the winning bidder.  My favorite part of the night is when everyone yells “SOLD” at the top of their lungs as we sell another item. 

The biggest improvement has been through their Call To Action Paddle Raise, which started at $20k and this year grew to over $200k. The engagement of the donors at this gala is through the roof.  The energy is infections and the giving is contagious. The Call To Auction team is proud to bring our unique energy and enthusiasm to help allow all guests to have a great time as well give openly and generously! The sea of paddles is a true sight to be seen as we ask at each level. Absolutely inspiring! 

The key takeaway here is that Chances for Children puts their mission first at everyone of these events. Adopted orphans are in attendance, the parents are in attendance, the medical staff, the clergy staff and the entire program staff are their to celebrate the impact from previous years and to encourage fundraising for future years. Their mission is show everywhere with photos, video’s, ambassadors telling their stories and board members connection with new guests. One of my favorite parts of this event is the “Hug Squad.” This team goes and hugs every person that buys an auction item and every person that raises their paddle. This love helps to build the energy in the audience and thus the fundraising grows. We also incorporate a very special story each year, talking about a program that was funded in previous years. These stories are the most effective part of the night and everyone looks forward to them year after year. The tears of the audience transform into smiles as the paddles raise and lives are changed. 

I am truly honored for the opportunity to help Chances for Children year over year to increase their fundraising and ultimately their impact in Haiti. 

Thank you for watching the video and witness the amazing fundraising event unfold! 

Continue to go out and be awesome and change the world any way that you can! 

Bobby D. 

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