Meet the Call To Auction family in our new home!

Founded in 2014 after many years of contemplation, Call To Auction has served as auctioneers and fundraising consultants to over 250  events, inspired 1000’s of donors to help raise over $100+ million to impact the world. What started as a one-man show with a passion for better events that are more exciting, engaging and inspring now is growing to a team of 9 auctioneers with 10 fundraising ambassadors being able to serve nonprofits around the nation and the world! I am proud to welcome you to 2.0! 

What you will find is a complete redesign of our website to include our rapidly growing, diverse team, a more valuable blog section, many video’s and tons of value for you the nonprofit professional. We strive to create the best fundraising experiences with the latest consultation techniques from the most talented fundraising auctioneer ambassadors in the world. With our diverse team, we are able to match the ideal auctioneer to your audience and event. Our cutting edge expert consultants help you to design and execute your event in less time, with less stress that results in an engaged audience that actually participates in record breaking fundraising. Your time and energies are limited and it’s impossible for you to attend 100 gala’s a year to capture all of the new ideas and follow the trends. Your budget and time may be limited to not allow to you attend fundraising workshops and conferences throughout the year.  You are in luck! We are able to combine our experiences, knowledge and education to provide you the best information to stay ahead of the fundraising game. We continually train our team on performance, presentation, ambassador ship and the latest fundraising techniques. 
On the new, you will also find our updated blog, sharing our experiences and ideas. If you keep checking back or subscribe to our RSS feed, I know you will be able to raise more money in less time while creating a better event that will leave your donors with a lasting positive experience that leads to future fundraising opportunities.  We will continue to share our experiences with you.  
There are some exciting additions to our service options as well. You will find that we are now offering Audio/Video Solutions for select events to make sure your presentation is as effective as possible. We are also now assisting in Digital Artwork Creation.  Whether it is a video of your event for you to share with the world to a video of your mission that inspires your guests to act, our Digital Artwork Department dreams big with you to stand out. 
We have been working on this for months and are excited to finally release 2.0 into the world! 
Please click in and meet our amazing auctioneers as well as see us in action. You can also sign up for a FREE Event Consultation to give you ideas to improve your event or create a dream event for your mission. 
If there’s anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to call me directly at 855-GO-GAVEL or send me an email directly to
Continue to be awesome and change the world any way that you can! 
Bobby D. 

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