A New Auctioneer in Town, Tucson Native, Frankie Fletcher

Frankie Fletcher Tucson Auctioneer


Introducing Frankie Fletcher: A Passionate, Dynamic Fundraising Auctioneer Revitalizing the Tucson Gala Scene

TUCSON,AZ September 21, 2023 – Tucson is excited to welcome Frankie Fletcher, an accomplished and charismatic auctioneer, to its vibrant nonprofit community. With his exceptional talent, passion for fundraising, and commitment to fostering a memorable auction experience, Fletcher is poised to energize the Tucson Nonprofit Event scene like never before.

Bringing a wealth of experience to his new role, Frankie Fletcher has overseen countless successful fundraising auctions throughout his career. Renowned for his ability to captivate audiences with his charming personality and unparalleled skills, Fletcher is determined to revolutionize the way Tucson Nonprofits fundraise and raise donor expectations.

Growing up in a large family, Frankie was surrounded with community and culture. This, and his natural comfort for performing arts, had him strive to be the loudest voice in the room and the funniest face in the picture. With 12 years of both local and international crisis response and volunteering in his community, Frankie has discovered how creating joy for others has long been a driving force for helping wherever and however he can. This led to performing mime comedy in Haiti and dance, drama, and music in Africa at an AIDS orphanage. Frankie has found a greater purpose in using his skills and passion for performance to inspire joy, hope, and excitement through event fundraising.

Fletcher’s dedication to delivering exceptional fundraising service is exemplified by his customized approach to fundraising. By attentively listening to clients, he ensures that each Gala experience is tailored to their specific needs, guaranteeing optimal results for their mission and donors alike. With his sharp eye for detail and extensive industry knowledge, Fletcher expertly evaluates timeline, auction items, storytelling and other revenue generating sources to maximize their fundraising.

“The art of Event Fundraising is an immersive experience that unites communities through shared enthusiasm for the organization, passion for the mission and desire for greater impact ” says Frankie Fletcher. “I am thrilled to be part of Tucson’s Nonprofit community, and my goal is to make every Gala Event an unforgettable event that brings joy and excitement to all who participate.”

For more information on Frankie Fletcher or upcoming events, visit calltoauction.com or follow him on social media @FrankieVOfficial


About Frankie Fletcher:

Frankie Fletcher is an accomplished fundraising auctioneer committed to enhancing the gala experience with his exceptional skills and profound passion for supporting Nonprofit Organizations. With his personalized approach and deep industry knowledge, Fletcher aims to deliver unforgettable fundraising events that captivate audiences and foster enduring connections among donors. With Frankie Fletcher, every Gala is an extraordinary experience.

Media Contact:

Name: Bobby D. Ehlert

Title: CEO Call To Auction

Phone: 480-212-6916

Email: Bobby@calltoauction.com

Let Frankie Fletcher, Tucson’s Best New Auctioneer dazzle your donors and furiously fundraise for your mission!

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