Benefit Auctions

Call to Auction provides transformational fundraising event consultation, and expert auction talent. We customize our service to fit your needs, transform your event, and exceed your goals. We work with you from beginning to end to create an ideal donor experience that not only raises more money at your event but also improves your future fundraising opportunities.

Why an auction?

Auctions are a fun, fast, and entertaining way to raise money at your special event. When the bid paddles go up and the auctioneer builds that momentum, the bidders feed off that competition. Budgets are made to be broken.

The Call To Auction team prides itself on only using true professionally trained fundraising auctioneers. With "Auction" in our name and our blood, we know how to excite your audience and engage your donors to create an electric experience for all.

We utilize the best fundraising ambassadors to build the energy on the floor while the auctioneer builds the energy from the stage. Auctions are an interactive giving experience and we want everyone to be involved. When an auction is done effectively everyone has a great experience and is focused on the mission. We strike when the emotions are high and conduct the Call To Action paddle raise.


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Fundraising Event Services

  • Pre-Event Consultation

    Transforming your event takes big ideas and proven methods. Through conducting hundreds of events we have learned what works and what pitfalls to avoid. Your time is valuable, we'll help you utilize it in the most effective way, right from the start.

  • Expert Fundraising Ambassadors

    Your guests deserve the best. Our champion auctioneers and experienced fundraisers know how to excite, engage, and transform your audience into donors. We work with you to create an experience that lives on in their hearts forever. Our ambassadors become a part of your development team.

  • Energized Fundraising Team

    With our team approach, everyone feels a part of the event.
    Our spotters interact with your audience to build the energy, increase the donations, and provide instantaneous gratitude with a bit of flair.

  • Audio/Video Solutions

    To captivate an audience they need to comfortably hear your story and watch it unfold. We have the technology and support to create a flawless production.

  • Visual Arts Production

    We help you tell captivating stories that touch hearts and minds and inspire your donors to act. We capture the magic of your event through video and photography to help the experience live on and encourage the success of your future fundraising.