Founder CEO and Lead Fundraising Specialist
For years events have been seen as the ugly stepchild of fundraising, but when done effectively this can change everything for your organization. It's my personal mission to help you transform your event into a fantastic experience that lives on within your donors for years to come.
Fundraising Auctioneer | Conductor | Strategist
Erin's mission and focus in the fundraising auction world is to bring excitement and fun to an event while increasing awareness of an organization. Working as a brand ambassador during an event, Erin loves bringing a world of newly educated donors to the nonprofit by encouraging guests to get involved!
Fundraising Auctioneer | Ambassador | Educator
My mission is to create an energy that lights up a room and raises bid paddles.
Fundraising Auctioneer
My mission is to connect people to causes and create the best auction experience for the organization and the guests.
Fundraising Conductor | Consultant
AKA @nonprofitnerd
My mission is to engage community impact and inspire others to make a difference.
Fundraising Auctioneer | Ambassador | Consultant | Trainer
My mission as an auctioneer to increase awareness and funding for non-profits in a FRESH and engaging way.