Bobby D. Ehlert Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

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The thing I love most about my career is that I help make thousands of dreams come true! With 15 years as a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer, I have helped designed hundreds of successful events that have generated millions of dollars for a variety of charitable causes and organizations throughout the U.S.

Growing up in a family of auctioneers, creating fun, memorable and lucrative events is in my blood, and I want to offer the best products and services possible. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Arizona State University, I went on graduate from the World Wide College of Auctioneering.  I have acquired the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneer Association, one of only 200 in the United States. I have participated as a consultant and auctioneer instructor in multiple forums including many National Auctioneer Association Conventions, Benefit Auctioneers’ Summits and the Facts, Fun and Fiction of Fundraising seminar (Arizona’s only Fundraising Auction Seminar).

Some of my current awards:

  • 2015 World Automobile Auctioneer Champion
  • 2015/2016 International Auctioneer Championship Finalist
  • 2014 US Bidcalling Champion
  • 2009 Arizona State Bid Calling Championship
  • President of the Arizona State Auctioneers Association in 2010
  • With unlimited energy and an innovative brand of “FUN-raising,” At Call To Auction we have an outstanding reputation for connecting with small and large groups of attendees from all levels and converting them into bigger bidders. Our team of auction professionals is passionate about helping each organization develop its budget and ultimately realize its vision. As ambassadors for many lucrative fundraisers, we inspire innovative strategies to create exciting, engaging and energetic fundraisers.

    One of the best parts of an event is watching the numbers rise beyond the expected bidding totals. Providing high-power solutions that generate the highest returns is our mission and we put it to the test at each and every event. We are proud to say we have successfully turned many dreams into reality and anticipate many more to come!