Call To Action Paddle Raise

The Call To Auction team prides itself in being the preeminent Call To Action Paddle Raise Experts in the nation! From helping you to identify the "Golden Goosebump" moment, to telling your story effectively, preparing your audience to raise those paddles, inspiring action from your donors and helping you to design the paddle raise process, we are ready to help you with the most efficient method of Special Event Fundraising! 

Why a Call To Action Paddle Raise?

Auctions are exclusive. You may have 5 or 10 Live Auction items and 30 Silent Auction items but a room of 500 guests, what does this mean? Of the 500 guests you could at most have 40 individual donors at your gala if you rely on auctions as your sole income stream. What about the other 460 guests? How do you get them engaged in your mission and your fundraising. We have the Solution! The Call To Action Paddle Raise!!!!
Fund A Need, Cash Call, Paddle Raise, Fund the Future, Fund A Mission, The Ask, The Special Appeal, Reverse Auction, Program Auction, Stand Up for the Kids, Fund a Wish, Raise the Paddle... The names of this are so varied, but all talking about one thing. Creating an opportunity for 100% of your audience to be engaged with you mission! We partner with you to create this pure philanthropic giving moment, in which every one of your guests can transform into a donor in the raise of a paddle.  Our Fundraising Conductors learn with you to speak your mission and share your impact while making a smooth gracious ask to kill the crickets in the room. Our consultants help to set up this valuable moment and capture every dollar possible.

The areas of consultation and facilitation for your event:

  • Asker/Ambassador/Fundraising Conductor Talent
  • Timeline optimization to maximize fundraising
  • Storytelling opportunities that turn into donations
  • Board Activation
  • Engagement strategies
  • Audience Development
  • Matching Gift Opportunities
  • Mobile/Tech Giving Technologies
  • Gratitude Process Creation
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