Are You Making These Killer Mistakes When Planning Your Benefit Golf Tournaments?

When planning any kind of event, it is important to ask yourself, the Board and the planning committee these questions:

Why should anyone want to attend this event? The ‘why’ has to be logical and meaningful. Is the money that is being raised impacting local causes? Do the donors know how they are impacting their communities? Many don’t and that hurts a Fundraiser! Have solid testimonials from those being helped by the organization that show donors how meaningful their support is. Give them hard numbers of dollars donated, people helped, meals served, etc.

What’s ‘the Draw’? Will it be the same old, same old type of event? Some golf, some prizes, some celebrities. Think of creative ways to refresh and renew the event Find Out More. Consider moving the event to a unique or exclusive golf course. Change the length of the tournament from 18 holes to 9 holes. This reduces the amount of time required and will appeal to busy professionals.

Are we competing with other major events? There are only 52 Thursdays, 52 Fridays and 52 Saturdays per year. Before setting the date for the event, check local calendars to see what else is going on that day. Competing with another event with a similar donor base can limit the number of participants and can reduce the amount of funds raised. Consider the time that the event is starting. Who really wants to start a golf tournament at 6:00 am? Why not choose a Tuesday at 3:00 pm?

 Who are we inviting? Do your attendees have the means and desire to support the organization? Will they or can they bring others with them who also have the financial means to advance the organization’s mission and cause? Many times sponsors will send their employees to attend if they can’t. Let your sponsors know that this is a fundraiser and that you would like them to participate in the fundraising events.

 Is it crystal clear from the invitation and during the event that your organization is having a FUNdraiser and not just a party or golf outing? Does the invite mention that the event is going to be fun, BUT it’s more than a p-a-r-t-y… but it’s really an opportunity to get behind something good all while having a good time?

Stop making these mistakes to make sure that your next golf event is successful and generates much needed dollars for your organization.

At Call To Auction we have many ideas and techniques to make sure your event is FUN and Fresh, which enhances & advances your mission and cause.

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Prior, Proper, Planning

I was trained by my parents about the seven P’s:

Prior Proper Planning Prevents P!$$ Poor Performance. (Sorry about the foul language, but I think you get my point)

When you give yourself, your team and your event the proper prior planning it deserves, you set yourselves up for success! By taking the time to do it right, you will create an event that will make your guests and donors feel welcomed, let them have fun, be educated, enjoy giving and want to come back next year with more friends. For you and your team, it will be a minimally stressful event, with few hiccups, plenty of laughs and big dollar returns. Below are some points that you need to think about and get covered before you even send out the “Save the Date” cards.


  • Who is in charge of the Check in/out process?
  • Who will pre-swipe Credit Cards?
  • How and why do you assign bidder numbers?
  • How many silent auction items and how to display them?
  • How many live auction items, how to display them and when to sell them?
  • Raffle items, raffle tickets, when do you give them away, how do you sell them?
  • Will you have a Fund-A-Need? Where to put in program, what are you raising money for, who will do the asking?
  • Will you be utilizing a professional fundraising auction team?
  • How are you going to excite, engage and inspire donors to give more than ever?

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself and your team about your next upcoming event the sooner the better. If you have any questions or would like help planning your next record-breaking event, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at or call me directly at +855-GO-GAVEL.

What are some things that you’ve found have helped you the most in your planning process that made your event run smoother than butter?