Our Vision

Our mission is to help organizations fund the programs and infrastructure to realize their own missions and directly impact more individuals. How can we help your organization?

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Why Call to Auction

You may only have one night a year to raise money to raise more revenue to create new programs, improve current programs and to help more of your target beneficiaries.

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Welcome to Call to Auction

Client Feedback

Make a Wish:

“Wish Ball” for local Make A Wish Chapter raising $2.4 Million for the evening, a 200% increase from 2012

Fabulous in Sacramento:

“Fabulous in San Francisco” to benefit oldest Private School in San Francisco: $40,500 raised in live auction, $10,000 more than previous year

What is Call To Auction? We invite you to watch this video to see the difference Call To Auction can make on your special event to help you reach your true fundraising potential. You work so hard over the year to organize a spectacular event, we want you to see a huge return on your investment…Thanks for watching!