Testimonials and Amazing Auctions

“Wish Ball” for local Make A Wish Chapter raising $2.4 Million for the evening, a 200% increase from 2012.

Make a Wish Chapter

“Fabulous in San Francisco” to benefit oldest Private School in San Francisco: $40,500 raised in live auction, $10,000 more than previous year

Fabulous in San Francisco

“Jump Ball Gala” to benefit National Basketball Association Charities $79,000 raised in 4 auction items

Jump Ball Gala

“Blue Sky’s” Event to benefit local nursery for homeless children $113,000 raised 5 live auction items and emotional appeal

Blue Sky’s

“Red Carpet Event” to Clothe Underprivileged Children $45,000 raised in 7 minutes without selling one item

Red Carpet Event

“An Evening with Stars” to fund a great Jewish Congregation Auction records broke from previous year by 50%

An Evening With Stars