Why A Live Auction

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Why Live Auction

Live auctions create a competitive, energetic and fun atmosphere that can bring giving in to the stratosphere. With the right items, the right people and the right timing, the live auction is your best bet to raise the most money. Many people in the room want to give and Bobby D.’s Call To Auction will create opportunities for those who enjoy giving to impress and make a huge difference for your organization that no other fundraising technique can.  .

Our team of auctioneers is similarly experienced and energized fundraising professionals that will create record breaking returns for your next event. We use and know auction psychology on bidders, know when to change bid increments, know when to slow down, know how to build momentum, know what to say and when to say it to compel the next bid. The Call To Auction team is always honing their skills, creating a smooth and clear connection with bidders. We are practicing more often, polishing more often and succeeding more often than other auctioneers that are on stage just a few times a month. Entertaining, encouraging, inclusive, engaging are all benefits of Your Call to Auction.

Call To Auction can turn timid first time bidders into enthusiastic long term supporters. When much of your annual revenue depends on this one night, once a year event, you need a professionally trained, time tested and seasoned benefit auctioneer who knows how to draw the biggest bids out of your best donors in ways that a regular MC or celebrity auctioneer simply can’t.


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