Why Bobby D.


 Why Bobby D

Bobby D.’s warm, engaging inclusive style invites everyone to participate in the fun in fundraising. Bobby D. lives and breathes auctions and conducts over 200 auctions per year, raising millions of dollars with his expertise.

Bobby D. is one of only 100 certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) in the nation, designated by the National Auctioneers Association as one of the best to help you have a record-breaking event. He is trained in the art of the auction psychology, investing in ongoing, year-round specific fundraising event enrichment.

Bobby D. has broken previous year’s auction records for many groups and can give your charity the attention and energy it deserves. Bobby D. loves to work with groups to build a long lasting relationship to continue to grow your largest fundraising event of the year. Our clients get 365 days of Bobby D. Direct consulting access to his auction knowledge and event expertise. He can also serve as your Master of Ceremonies and can be the ambassador of your organization and entertain the crowd at the same time.

With Bobby D. and Your Call to Auction your auction attendees leave the event saying, “That was the best auction I’ve ever seen!”  If your guests are not saying this currently what are they saying?

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